Warranty Repairs for Longview, TX

Protect your HVAC investment with warranty repairs from JD’s AC.

Protect Your Wallet. Get Warranty Backed Repairs. 

If a part breaks on your HVAC system, getting repairs without a warranty can cost you a lot. That’s why it’s crucial to pick a heating and cooling company that stands behind their products with warranty repairs.

Every piece of Carrier equipment comes with a warranty at JD’s AC. This warranty is tailored to your specific:

  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Installation Dates 

Plus, every piece of Carrier equipment in your home is registered with Carrier Corporation, ensuring your 10-year parts warranty is valid.

HVAC Parts That Are Commonly Covered

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    The compressor plays a crucial role in your HVAC system by compressing refrigerants for heat exchange.

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    Condenser Coils

    These coils release heat outdoors during cooling, ensuring efficient operation.

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    Evaporator Coils

    Found indoors, evaporator coils absorb heat from indoor air during the cooling process.

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    Fan Motors

    Indoor blower motors and outdoor fan motors are essential for air circulation and heat exchange.

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    Heat Exchanges

    Heat exchangers transfer heat from combustion gasses to circulating air in heating systems.

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    Some warranties may cover thermostat issues, especially if the thermostat comes with the HVAC system.

Carrier HVAC Equipment We Install

Every piece of Carrier equipment we install comes with a 10-year parts warranty. Common Carrier products we install are:

A Carrier heat pump offers efficient year-round comfort and energy savings. We tailor it to your building.

Our HVAC technicians install Carrier air conditioners, which are a high-performance cooling solution.

The Carrier ductless system lets you enjoy personalized comfort in every room without requiring extensive ductwork.

Our heating technicians install Carrier furnaces which provide reliable heating performance and energy efficiency.

Stay Covered with JD’s AC

Get peace of mind knowing your Carrier HVAC product is protected. Contact JD’s AC in Longview, TX, to talk about warranty-backed repairs.

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