24/7 Emergency Heating & AC Repair in Longview, TX

Sometimes a broken down HVAC system isn’t just inconvenient. It’s unsafe. JD’s is here for you day and night.

Emergency Repair


In the freezing cold or blistering heat, small children and older adults face serious threats when the heat pump or furnace goes out.

JD’s AC provides emergency heating and air conditioning repair 24/7.


Emergency Heat Repair

If your heat stops working on a frigid winter day, call our HVAC technicians in Longview. No matter what day or time.

Emergency AC Repair

East Texas is known for three-digit summer days. If it’s near 100 degrees and your AC goes down, we’ll put you at the front of the line.


What qualifies as an HVAC emergency?


What qualifies as an emergency may vary from situation to situation. But some of the things we prioritize include:

  • HVAC breakdowns during extreme weather conditions
  • Homes that have small children or elderly relatives
  • Other special circumstances

If you believe you need emergency service, call JD’s AC any time. We’re available nights and weekends to help our Longview, TX community.

How fast can I expect you to come?


If our team is available, we will dispatch a heating and air conditioning repairman immediately.

Sometimes on exceptionally hot or cold days, we may have several emergencies we have to address. We promise to come to your home as soon as possible.


What hours are you available for emergency services?


We’re available at all hours of the day and night for HVAC emergencies. Whether it’s Saturday afternoon or 3am on a weeknight, we’re here for you.

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