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If stifling heat leaves you roasting in your home or business, your ductless air conditioner may be the culprit.

Have the split air conditioner technicians from JD’s AC inspect your ductless unit. Whether you notice a mysterious leak or an unsettling increase in energy bills, our HVAC techs find the root of the issues. We repair mini-split air conditioners in Longview, TX, and make sure your system runs at peak performance again.

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Signs of Longview Ductless Unit Problems

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Repeated Cycling On and Off

If your ductless mini-split unit frequently cycles on and off, there may be issues with the refrigerant levels or a faulty sensor.

JD's Tips

Unusual Noises

Listen for grinding or hissing noises coming from your ductless unit. It may indicate internal issues with the motor or other critical components.

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Water Leaks

Visible water leakage around your split unit air conditioner suggests problems with the condensate drainage system or a refrigerant leak.

Foul Odors

Nasty smells coming from your mini-split unit could be a sign of mold or mildew growth within the system or a dirty air filter. 

Ductless Mini-Split System Maintenance Checklist

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    Inspect and Replace Air Filters

    Regularly check your ductless mini-split system’s air filters. Clean or replace them monthly to maintain optimal efficiency.

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    Check and Clean Fan Blades

    Inspect fan blades for damage or excessive dirt. Gently clean them to ensure they spin freely and contribute to efficient airflow.

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    Schedule Professional Maintenance

    Catch potential issues before they become expensive hassles. Schedule professional maintenance from JD’s AC.

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    Clear Debris Around the Outdoor Unit

    Keep the area around the outdoor unit free of debris and vegetation. Trim plants to ensure proper airflow.

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    Inspect Condensate Drain Line

    Check the condensate drain line for any blockages. A clear drain line prevents water damage and ensures the system’s efficiency.

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    Check and Clean Vents and Filters

    Clean your vents regularly. Regularly replace or clean air filters to maintain optimal airflow and prevent strain on the HVAC system.

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“We use JD’s A/C for our business and our home. Their maintenance program is affordable and gives us great peace of mind. New thermostats at my office help me maintain the budget and was well worth the investment. Nathan Rutledge oversees the daily business and is a man of integrity. Great people and I highly recommend JD’s A/C for new installation or maintenance on your existing units.”

Candy Wallin Palmer

“From initial quote, new residential A/C, installation, and a recent service call which was responded to in less than an hour, this company has been very reasonable with great customer service and pricing.”

Michael Buell

“Nathan Rutledge at JD’s Air Conditioning will go the 2nd mile to provide your heating and air conditioning needs. Whether repairing your old A/C or replacing, they will give you an honest assessment without high pressure. They replaced a unit at my home quickly and at the right price.”

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