Furnace Installation For Longview, TX

Winters in East Texas can get pretty chilly. Don’t let the cold catch you off guard. Contact our Carrier furnace installers in Longview, TX, to learn more about getting a new, high-efficiency furnace.

Install A New Heater System

Beat The Winter Freeze With A New Furnace

Having a malfunctioning furnace isn’t just annoying – it’s dangerous. Don’t risk being left in the cold when temperatures drop.

Call the furnace installers at JD’s AC in Longview, TX. Our gas and oil Carrier Furnaces keep you and your family comfortable year-round. Not only are these furnaces super quiet, but they’re also energy-efficient, which means more savings for you.

Contact our heating and cooling contractors in Longview to learn more about installing a Carrier furnace for your home or business.

Signs You Need Furnace Replacement Services

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    Age of the Furnace

    Furnaces typically have a lifespan of 15-20 years. If your furnace is approaching that age range, it’s a good idea to replace it before it fully breaks down and leaves you in the cold.

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    Increased Energy Bills

    If your energy bills are increasing for no reason, it could be because your furnace isn’t working right. Old furnaces have to work harder, which causes higher energy costs.

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    Frequent Repairs

    Are you on a first-name basis with your repair technician? Constant furnace repairs might mean your furnace is on its last legs. Getting a new one saves you money in the long run.

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    Uneven Heating

    If some rooms in your home are consistently warmer or cooler than others, it could be a sign that your furnace is struggling to distribute heat evenly.

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    Strange Noises

    If your furnace makes unusual noises like banging, rattling, or squealing, that’s usually due to a mechanical problem and requires replacing.

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    Increased Dust or Dry Air

    If you notice more dust or dry air in your home, it may be because your furnace isn’t working properly. Older furnaces struggle to maintain proper humidity levels and air quality.

Setting the Standard for High-Efficiency Home Furnaces

Carrier is the pinnacle of furnace efficiency. It has exceptional AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings, surpassing industry standards and ensuring maximum energy savings.

AFUE ratings delineate furnace efficiency by comparing annual heat output to fossil fuel consumption. While the federal minimum AFUE stands at 80%, Carrier sets a higher bar with gas furnaces reaching up to 97% AFUE.

Why does AFUE matter? Heating makes up a huge portion of utility bills, so having an efficient furnace means more money in your pocket. Higher AFUE ratings mean less waste and more cost savings.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new furnace or replacing an old one, Carrier furnaces are the epitome of home heating excellence.

Find Your Perfect Fit

JD’s AC Matches Furnaces to Your Square Footage

Square footage is the most crucial factor in determining the furnace size needed to ensure optimal comfort.

Larger homes naturally need more heating capacity than smaller spaces. In general, homes may require between 30 to 60 BTUs per square foot, depending on various factors including climate zone and insulation levels.

At JD’s AC, our Longview, TX, HVAC contractors assess your home or business to accurately determine the square footage. Then, they recommend the best Carrier furnace to keep you warm and cozy, all while saving energy and money.

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Beat the Chill with JD’s AC

Upgrade your home’s comfort. Contact JD’s AC in Longview, TX, to talk with our heating and cooling experts about installing a Carrier furnace.

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