Thermostat Repairs in Longview, TX

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If your home feels like a sauna or icebox, your thermostat may be acting up. Whether it’s a simple calibration issue or a wiring problem, the HVAC technicians at JD’s AC have the experience to diagnose and repair your climate control system.

Don’t let a malfunctioning thermostat make your home or business unbearable. We get every room back to the perfect temperature.

Contact JD’s AC. Our heating and cooling technicians quickly fix thermostats in Longview, TX.

Signs of Longview Thermostat Problems

Inaccurate Temperature Reading

If your thermostat shows a temperature that doesn’t match the room’s actual temperature, there’s likely an issue with your thermostat’s temperature sensor.

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Constant Cycling

If your HVAC system constantly turns off and on, it creates inconsistent heating or cooling. There may be a thermostat malfunction that’s disrupting the system’s regular cycle.

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Uneven Heating or Cooling

If certain areas of your home or business are too hot or too cold no matter what your thermostat is set to, there’s likely an issue with your climate control system.

Delayed Response

If there’s a big lag time between when you adjust the thermostat and the HVAC system turning on, this points to thermostat issues that need professional HVAC help.

Thermostat Maintenance Checklist

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    Check Batteries

    Make sure your thermostat’s batteries are in good condition. Replace them at least once a year or as needed.

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    Clean the Thermostat

    Gently clean the outside of your thermostat using a soft, dry cloth. Dirt or dust buildup around the thermostat affects its performance.

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    Level the Thermostat

    Ensure your thermostat is mounted level on the wall. Use a bubble level to check and make adjustments if needed.

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    Test the System

    Test your HVAC system by adjusting the thermostat. Verify the system starts and stops when it needs to and heats and cools correctly.

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    Update Thermostat Programming

    If your thermostat has programming features, review and update the schedule. You can even improve energy efficiency this way.

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    Check and Clean Vents and Filters

    Clean your vents regularly. Regularly replace or clean air filters to maintain optimal airflow and prevent strain on the HVAC system.

Highly Recommended in East Texas

“We use JD’s A/C for our business and our home. Their maintenance program is affordable and gives us great peace of mind. New thermostats at my office help me maintain the budget and was well worth the investment. Nathan Rutledge oversees the daily business and is a man of integrity. Great people and I highly recommend JD’s A/C for new installation or maintenance on your existing units.”

Candy Wallin Palmer

“From initial quote, new residential A/C, installation, and a recent service call which was responded to in less than an hour, this company has been very reasonable with great customer service and pricing.”

Michael Buell

“Nathan Rutledge at JD’s Air Conditioning will go the 2nd mile to provide your heating and air conditioning needs. Whether repairing your old A/C or replacing, they will give you an honest assessment without high pressure. They replaced a unit at my home quickly and at the right price.”

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