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By becoming a member of our Comfort Club, you can enjoy the convenience of having your AC maintenance scheduled regularly without having to keep it in mind.

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Regularly servicing your HVAC unit can save you money on air conditioner repairs and replacements in the long run.

7 ways to save on your electric bill

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Performing regular maintenance on your AC unit is beneficial for both your home and the planet. It promotes energy efficiency and prolongs the unit’s lifespan. 

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Although East Texas is beautiful, the temperature fluctuations can be significant. That means your air conditioning and HVAC system must work extra hard to ensure you and your loved ones stay comfortable. 

Most air conditioning units will last 10-15 years, and regular maintenance will ensure efficiency. But when something does break, we are on your side to help you stay cool. 

If you need AC or furnace repair in Hallsville, TX, our HVAC technicians are here to help. They are highly trained and certified to handle repairs on all brands of heating and cooling systems. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment or air conditioning installation services. 



We offer comprehensive HVAC repair services in Hallsville, TX, with expertise in everything from condenser units to heat pumps. You can count on us to meet all your AC and heating repair needs.


We make AC installation simple. We can work with your budget and timeline to make the process simple and hassle-free.

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Regular AC servicing can often be overlooked, but it’s important to prioritize it. By becoming a member of our Comfort Club, you’ll receive priority scheduling for maintenance.

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“Their maintenance program is affordable and gives us great peace of mind. New thermostats at my office help me maintain the budget and were well worth the investment.”
Candy Wallin Palmer

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“From the initial quote, new residential A/C, installation, and a recent service call which was responded to in less than an hour, this company has been very reasonable with great customer service and pricing.”
Michael Buell

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“Whether repairing your old A/C or replacing it, they will give you an honest assessment without high pressure. They replaced a unit at my home quickly and at the right price.”
Don Esch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most HVAC companies recommend upgrading your AC unit since technology has changed since the original installation. Upgrading provides improved energy efficiency, quieter operation, and better air filtration. Efficiency ratings are based on matching units, so you will need more than one part to give you the advertised efficiency. If your unit is 10 years or older, replacing both pieces for warranty coverage is wise. Typically, AC units last 10-15 years, so a full replacement is a sensible option if you’re nearing the end of your unit’s lifespan.

The quality of air indoors can have an impact on your health and comfort level. Your HVAC system and air filters can be sources of pollutants that spread throughout your home or business. The effects on your health can range from immediate symptoms like dizziness or itchiness to long-term effects that are harder to link to poor air quality. Our services include professional duct cleaning and air filtration systems to eliminate these contaminants, helping you breathe easily.

To eliminate humidity and remove heat from indoor air, the evaporator coil is used. The moisture is then directed to the condenser coil to get rid of the heat outside. It is crucial to replace both components as they are vital for the proper functioning of your AC unit.

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