How Does a Zoning System Work and What Are the Benefits to Your Longview Home?

Aug 18, 2014

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If you’re still living in a one-thermostat home, you’re missing out on the profound benefits of a zoning system. Zoning system benefits include both substantial energy savings and enhanced convenience for your Longview area home. Today, we’re going to dig deeper into zoning system benefits you can obtain after a professional installation.

Zoning Systems Explained

A zoning system works on a very simple principle – it allows you to divide up your home into two or more sections (aptly named “zones”) and then control cooling and heating for each section to accommodate varying temperature conditions and occupant preferences. It does this by incorporating multiple thermostats, one for each zone, all of which are controlled by a central control panel. Each thermostat can be manually manipulated or programmed based on personal preference or specific comfort needs.

Zoning System Benefits: Energy Savings

Homeowners initially get excited about zoning systems due to the energy savings they can receive. However, even though central heating and air conditioning systems work great most of the time, they also have a tendency to waste energy. With a traditional one-thermostat system, for example, you must heat or cool your whole home at once, unless you physically close vents and registers on a room-by-room basis. Even if only one area of your house is occupied, you have no choice but to expend the energy needed to condition the entire home.

Since a zoning system concentrates on only the sections you designate, you’re likely to use much less energy. Plus, in most homes, different areas are affected differently by heat gain and loss. This means that if you have the single thermostat located in a hallway off the living room, it will activate heating and cooling based on the temperature in that room. However, if the upstairs bedrooms are warmer, or the finished basement is cooler, that central thermostat really won’t address those conditions. In the winter, the heating will kick off before the basement is warmed up, and in the summer, the cooling will kick off before the upstairs bedrooms have been sufficiently cooled.

Zoning System Benefits: Better Comfort

Every person is a little bit different. We each have our own idea as to what constitutes a good comfort level. With a central heating and cooling setup with just one thermostat, there’s no way to accommodate occupant’s different temperature preferences. Everybody will be affected by the temperature setting in the main room, whether it’s comfortable in the home office, dining room or bedrooms. This can cause some family members to be uncomfortable.

The professional installation of a zoning system will put an end to this unsatisfactory situation. If you prefer a room to be a little cooler, you can turn down the thermostat just in that area of the home. Or, if your kids are upstairs (which is normally warmer since heat rises), perhaps they need a lower temperature. Regardless of your individual needs, a zoning system can improve the comfort level throughout the house.

Zoning System Benefits: Unique Rooms

When it comes to saving energy and improving the comfort level of your home, the actual design of your home is also a contributing factor that a zoning system can take into account. Many homes have unique rooms that can throw off the heating and cooling of your home when using a central HVAC system. For example, a room with large windows facing the sun will typically be warmer. The same is true with the upper level of a two-story home. Or perhaps you have a room with very high ceilings that takes more effort to condition.

All of these issues can force your HVAC system to work much harder than it needs to in order to maintain your home’s comfort level. With a zoning system, this isn’t a problem. If you have a room or area that tends to have a higher or lower temperature than the rest of your home, you can designate that area as its own zone. Then, you can concentrate your heating or cooling efforts, as needed, on that specific zone.

For more expert zoning system benefits or any other questions regarding home comfort, please contact the friendly professionals at JD’s AC. We’ve been serving the needs of Longview and surrounding communities for over 30 years.

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