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Feb 3, 2012

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Having excess moisture in your home has been proven to cause unsavory issues within the four walls of your home, such as mold or other water-related damages. When you lower the humidity in your home, not only are you comfortable, you save money, and keep harmful contaminants from growing. 

Why is it important to keep the humidity in your home at a healthy level? 

When the humidity levels in your home are too low, you experience a lack of moisture. This will cause common issues such as dry nose, dry throat, dry skin, and an increase in catching colds or other respiratory illnesses. 

Too much humidity can cause an increase in pollutants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust mites, and more that will also cause respiratory problems. 

What is a normal range of humidity? 

Here at JD’s A/C we have the ability to check your home’s humidity levels, as well as temperature monitors. As you have read above, it’s extremely important to keep a comfortable level of humidity throughout your home. 

  • Low humidity levels 

Less than 25% 

  • Moderate humidity levels

Between 25% – 55% 

  • High humidity levels 

Over 55% 

What causes humidity levels to rise? 

Rising humidity levels are usually a cause of everyday living. Such as, cooking, showering, laundry, washing dishes, all contribute to high levels of humidity. 

What can happen from maintaining high humidity levels? 

There are several negative effects of maintaining higher than usual humidity levels. 

  1. You may notice the temperature in your home is warmer than usual. 
  2. Wood inside your home can begin to swell, causing deterioration. 
  3. Mold and mildew will not only grow, but multiply. 
  4. You may experience respiratory problems, or other respiratory illnesses. 

How can you lower and maintain humidity in your home? 

There are several ways you can decrease, and maintain the humidity in your home. 

  • Proper ventilation

Make sure your home is well ventilated, especially in areas where moisture seems to be most present, such as your kitchens and bathroom areas. You may either crack a window, or install exhaust fans to help lower the humidity levels in those areas of your home. Using a form of consistent airflow throughout your home will actively help in reducing humidity levels as well. 

  • Dehumidification systems 

Dehumidification systems can be installed in both new and existing homes. These types of systems are programmed to maintain a healthy level of humidity for the best level of comfortability possible. 

  • Shorten your showers

 By shortening the duration of your shower time, and/or decreasing the temperature will also help reduce high levels of humidity in your home. Taking a long hot shower sounds wonderful, but the moisture adds up. For those who don’t wish to decrease the temperature or duration of their showers, look into ‘low flow’ shower heads. These can help decrease the level of humidity as well. 

  • Limit indoor house plants 

Naturally plants will release moisture into the air, and if you have several of them within a small space, that moisture will accumulate quickly. To avoid this, limit the amount of indoor plants that you have, or alternate them outdoors as well. 

  • Maintain your gutters

It may sound strange, but making sure that you have clean gutters not only improves the effectiveness of your system when carrying water away from your home’s foundation. This plays an important role when lowering the humidity level of your home. 

  • Repair windows, and replace if necessary

Oftentimes, we see this as a common issue in many older homes. Drafty, older windows and doors will cause moisture to build up within the home and raise humidity levels. Adding plastic film to the window glass, or weatherstripping your windows and doors will help reduce draft and moisture significantly. 


If you are concerned about the humidity levels in your home, give our trusted technicians a call today! Don’t delay your health, and comfort another day.

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