What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

Woman Checking Temperature Air Conditioning

It’s a chilly night and something’s wrong with the heating system. It’s either not working or poorly heating the home. Troubleshooting heating systems isn’t difficult, and it can, in some cases, get the system up and running without the need to bring in an HVAC professional. 

Heating System Quick Tip Guide

  • Start with the thermostat. Make sure it’s on and the temperature is properly set. If the thermostat uses batteries, replace them to verify a lack of power isn’t causing the problem. 
  • If the thermostat appears to be working correctly, turn your attention to the breaker box. Make sure the breakers for the heating system and the air handler are in the on position. Reset if necessary. If the box has fuses instead of breakers, check for burnt or blown fuses. 
  • Look at the air filter next. A clogged air filter can prevent air from heating up properly, as well as overheat the system, causing it to shut down prematurely. Be sure the air filter is clear and air is flowing.
  • Examine air registers. They should be open to allow good airflow. Make sure furniture or other objects aren’t blocking any registers, and verify that the cold air returns are getting enough airflow as well.
  • Look at the heating system itself. Be sure the door on the furnace is tight. A switch on the inside of the door can prevent the system from working when the door is open. If the system runs on gas or propane, look for the gas reset valve on the unit. Shut it off and wait five minutes. Turn it back on and see if the system works properly. If it’s an older unit, make sure the pilot light is on. 

Troubleshooting heating systems can often solve simple problems. However, if the troubleshooting doesn’t tackle the issue, contact JD’s A/C. We’re proud to handle the home comfort concerns of homeowners throughout the Longview area.

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