Tricks to Maintaining a Comfortable Home Environment This Summer in Longview

Feb 3, 2012

Now that summer has arrived in Longview, Texas, you will probably be spending more time outdoors. However, when the heat and humidity of a Texas summer get to be too much, you need to be able to retreat to a comfortable home environment. If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, your indoor home environment might not be any more comfortable than being outside. You can help to prevent breakdowns and the need for AC repair by investing in preventative maintenance at the start of every cooling season. At JD’s Air Now, an AC repair, installation and maintenance company in Longview, we offer a comprehensive tune-up for a nominal fee.

You can also improve your home environment by making sure that the ductwork connected to your HVAC system is cleaned regularly. Air ducts can collect layers of dirt, insects, dust, mold and other types of airborne pollutants without you even realizing it. If you neglect your air ducts for too long, it can lead to unnecessary AC repair bills because your air conditioner depends on the air ducts to keep it operating efficiently. When the ductwork is bogged down by household debris, the air conditioning unit has to work harder to provide cooling throughout your Longview home.

JD’s Air Now also has simple solutions to improve your home environment that you can do on your own. One of the easiest and least expensive ways of improving comfort and increasing energy efficiency is to ensure that your air filter is always clean. You can avoid AC repairs by checking it monthly and changing it as least every three months. Ceiling fans and air purifiers can also increase comfort and reduce strain on your air conditioner. Lastly, adding vents to high-traffic areas in your home and checking your attic insulation can also help everyone remain comfortable.

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