What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

Woman Checking Temperature Air Conditioning

Spring cleaning doesn’t just end with the interior of your home! After a long winter, your Furnace has been working hard to keep you cozy and comfortable. As Spring approaches, your air conditioning system may need encouragement to come out of hiding. And take over the responsibility of keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the seasons. Below JD’s A/C will talk you through the steps you can take to help your HVAC system before the season starts! Ready, Set… GO! 

Pre-Spring Checkup 

The best way for any homeowner to tell if there is an issue with their air conditioning unit is to test it. JD’s recommends that you wait until you have a warmer day than usual. Switch your HVAC system from ‘heat’ to ‘cool’, adjusting your thermostat down by only a few degrees until it kicks on, and runs a full cycle. As you are doing this, it is important to listen for any signs that your HVAC system is in distress. 

  • Listen in for any banging, knocking, or squeaking noises
  • Take note of the length of your cycle from start to finish
  • Are there any unusual smells coming from your unit? 
  • Check to see if the interior of your home is getting cooler.
  • Make sure all of your vents are open, working, and clear from debris. 
  • Take a step outdoors to your exterior unit and listen as well for any unfamiliar noises. 

Get your HVAC cleaned and tuned 

For not only the safety of your loved ones, but the efficiency of your home as well, we highly recommend scheduling a routine HVAC maintenance inspection and cleaning (at least twice a year). JD’s recommends a tune-up right before Spring starts, and just before Winter. We would love to see the notes you took during your own inspection! This way our certified technicians can inspect anything you are directly concerned about regarding the functionality of your air conditioning system. When our technicians come out you can expect full, top of the line service and commitment to you and your home. 

Our technicians will: 

  • Inspect your HVAC unit thoroughly for any damages, or worn parts. 
  • Change out air unclean and polluted filters, replacing them.  
  • Lubricate any mechanisms needed inside your system. 
  • Clean in and around your unit. This prevents your HVAC unit from any disturbances in your cooling cycle during the hottest part of the year.
  • Check for any leaks, broken seals, or cracks within and around your unit.

Have your air ducts checked and cleaned 

Be sure to ask our certified technicians about conducting an ‘air duct test’ to determine if your ducts are in need of cleaning. More than likely, if you have just moved into a new residence, or have been living at your current location for more than a year, you will need to get your ducts cleaned and maintained. 

We remove: 

  • Dust 
  • Dirt
  • Debris 
  • Pollen 
  • Toxins 
  • Common Allergens 

Having an accumulation of these pollutants can cause a numerous number of issues. Such as: 

  • A noticeable decrease in your HVAC systems efficiency 
  • Higher energy bills and utility costs 
  • These pollutants create a fire hazard 
  • Respiratory issues and illnesses 

Having your ducts cleaned will actively help to prevent all of the above. Our goal at JD’s A/C is to provide our clients with comfortable, healthy, clean air. 

Take a look at your thermostat

Keep your energy costs low by checking the functionality of your thermostat. We recommend taking a look at your temperature display, and match it with that of your indoor temperature. If they don’t match up, you may be paying for it in the long run with either higher energy bills, or a complete system failure. 

Pro HVAC Tip: If you have an older thermostat, consider up to a new, programmable thermostat. These usually can save you money on your utility bills the next go around! 

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

While having a programmable thermostat is wonderful for your energy bill, having a Carbon Monoxide Detector will do even more for your family, and their safety. If your home isn’t equipped with one already, it’s important to have a carbon monoxide detector installed and in working order. This is mainly because Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. It is colorless, odorless, and lethal. With a working detector in place, you as well as everyone within the home will be notified if detected. Fixing your family time to move outdoors until the home is clear of Carbon Monoxide and the issue fixed.     

Our team of professionals here at JD’s A/C will walk you through every step of the way. From duct cleanings, installations, programmable thermostats, and other services, we strive to create a safe, healthy, cool home for you and your family this Spring! Give the pros at JD’s a call to start preparing your HVAC unit for while appointments are available!

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