What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

Uncertain TX is a gateway to Caddo Lake, a place of breathtaking natural beauty. Uncertain got its name because early surveyors couldn’t figure out whether the area was in Texas or Louisiana, so they marked the map “uncertain.”

One thing’s for sure, however. Residents of Uncertain live in a town that borders on Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge to the south, and directly on the shore of Caddo Lake. They value the beauty and harmony of nature, and they know what’s at stake when it comes to protecting the environment.

A new green home in Uncertain TX

Are you thinking about building your dream green home in Uncertain TX? Perhaps you have a strawbale house in mind, or you may be excited about the idea of building an earth-sheltered house. Maybe you’re simply planning on a modest, well designed home that takes advantage of thermal mass, controls solar gain, incorporates renewable energy, and uses only the highest efficiency mechanical equipment.

We will make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the government programs available to help plan and fund green building projects. If you’re working with a labeling program like LEED for Homes, the NAHB National Green Building Program, or EnergyStar, we can help you sort out the mechanical provisions.

Greening an existing home

Did you know that using new materials to build a new house has an environmental cost? It’s known as embodied energy. Embodied energy is the energy used in extracting, manufacturing and transporting the materials used to construct a new building. New builds always have environmental costs that upgrading older homes do not.

Sometimes, making your existing house more efficient is the best way to be green. You won’t lose the embodied energy in your current home, and you won’t be running up a new embodied energy tab.

If you have decided to create a green home out of an existing home, we can make sure that you have an opportunity to take advantage of all the government incentives for high efficiency equipment, and we can give you advice on making your whole HVAC system more efficient, including the distribution system.

Call JD’s AC

JD’s A/C is based in Longview, and Uncertain is in our service area. We know the Caddo Lake area, and we can assist you in creating a green home in Uncertain. You provide the house and we’ll provide the heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Whether you’re building a new, state of the art green house or simply making your existing house as efficient and comfortable home as you can under your budget, we can help.

The people of Uncertain TX know that having a green home is important not only because it helps to preserve the natural environment and slow global warming, but because it helps the U.S. move toward energy independence. JD’s A/C is ready to contribute our HVAC expertise to your green home design.

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