Air Conditioning Repair Longview, TX

Jan 20, 2012 

Residents of Longview, TX and Area May Qualify for a Tax Credit Under the proposed ‘Cut Energy Bills Act’

In terms of air conditioning repair or installation and heating repair or installation, a local HVAC contractor can perform the job, utilizing their expertise and top of the line equipment. Homeowners in the Longview Texas and surrounding communities can save more money than ever, not only by having an air conditioning repair or installation or heating repair or installation contractor install these systems, but also by receiving a new tax credit implemented by Senators Feinstein, Snowe and Bingaman for a whole home efficiency upgrade.

The existing bill gives a tax credit for installing an HVAC system in the newer energy efficient line. While this opportunity is admirable, the new tax credit runs the campaign for the whole home, not just in the heating and cooling arena.

An HVAC contractor, serving the Longview Texas and surrounding areas, can install the system in a professional manner for the homeowner. While having the installation procedure done, the homeowner can also request a complete home energy saving package, which would include sealing areas for cold or warm air flow into the home, insulation in walls and attic spaces and insulating pipes, water heaters, and where ever it may be needed. A trained technician from the local air and heating company can assist you in getting the tax credit you deserve.

Through the new tax credit incentive, homeowners invest money that will be well spent. Smaller energy bills means money in the pocket, but more jobs provided around the area in the hiring of contractors, and less energy consumption means a cleaner, better earth. The new incentive produces the outcome that delegates savings to everyone, cuts back on how much energy we consume per day. It’s a win-win situation, giving the homeowner the biggest savings via any tax credit program in the past.

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