What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

Woman Checking Temperature Air Conditioning

While many East Texas homeowners dream of having an air conditioner that we can take anywhere with us, there are only a small number of customers that purchase a portable air conditioner. So many homeowners ask the question; What are the pros and cons of having a portable air conditioner? JD’s AC has gathered a list of the benefits of portable air conditioners versus the drawbacks of them. 


Advantages of having a portable air conditioner

  • Portable air conditioners do not require professional installation

This means that you do not need to call an air conditioning service in East Texas to get your air conditioner working. Simply, unpack, and connect your portable air conditioner unit to your electrical switch, turn on, and enjoy! However, it is recommended to call your local East Texas air conditioning service for regular service or repair.  

  • They can be moved throughout different rooms in your home

One of the largest benefits of having a portable air conditioner is that it can be easily moved from room to room. You can have it in your bedroom one evening, and easily shift it to the living room in the morning time. Again, you don’t have to call an air conditioning company in East Texas to help with this.  

  • Portable air conditioners are decreasing in cost everyday 

As technology advances, portable air conditioning systems are becoming increasingly more affordable. Many companies are releasing their newest models featuring a light, sleek design much smaller in size than the older versions of the portable air conditioners. 

  • Portable air conditioners can be easily hidden 

And last but not least, they can be hidden or put away for when you are no longer needing them. If you feel like the air conditioner is ruining the look over your interior design, you can simply place it somewhere that is not as visible. 


Disadvantages of having a portable air conditioner

  • Potentially unwanted noise 

Now it’s time to discuss the drawbacks of an indoor portable air conditioner. The first and most important drawback is that they do produce a significant amount of noise. Now for some East Texas homeowners, that isn’t an issue, in fact could be seen as an advantage to the system. However, for those who do not like the noise, portable air conditioners may not be right for you. 


If you notice your unit making more noise than usual; it’s important to call your local East Texas air conditioning company immediately. One of our certified technicians will inspect your unit for any internal problems that may be causing the increase in noise. 

  • Not very economically friendly

While convenient, they are not always the most affordable option. Because they do not have an outdoor unit, some warm air is released into your space, causing your portable air conditioner to slow down the cooling process.  

  • You have to drain the tanks regularly

Most portable air conditioners have tanks that store water produced during the cooling process. These tanks will need to be drained regularly in order to avoid any water from overflowing, and leaking onto your flooring. Which proves to be quite an unnecessary house chore for someone that has a busy schedule!  

  • They are not effective when trying to cool large rooms

This is probably the least attractive feature of portable air conditioners. If you do have a large room, your AC will not be able to cool it properly. If you find that your portable air conditioner isn’t able to cool your large rooms, then the help of a second unit may be the solution to your problem.  


You can always get advice from the most professional and reliable service providers in East Texas. Our technicians will help you make the best decision for your home’s cooling needs. Give JD’s AC a call today! Your local East Texas cooling and heating company!

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