What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

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Maintaining the quality of your home’s indoor air is critical to the health and well-being of your entire family. The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration has identified air quality as one of the most important threats to worker health and safety. Taking steps to ensure the quality of the air in your Longview, TX, home can have positive effects not only on the health of your family members but on your wallet as well. Here are three ways in which poor indoor air quality can pose threats to you and your family.

Increased Dust and Contaminants

Dust and particulate matter can build up inside your heating and cooling system over time. These contaminants can have serious consequences for individuals with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory conditions. High-quality HEPA filters and professionally installed air purifiers can filter out many of these pollutants to provide clean, breathable air for everyone living in your home.

Mold and Mildew

Excessive moisture and dirt in your ductwork can allow mold and mildew to build up in these areas. Mold has been linked to a number of serious illnesses. Exposure to these fungi can also make asthma symptoms worse and can pose serious threats to individuals with allergies to mold and mildew. According to the experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mold can have even more serious consequences for those with weakened immune systems. For these individuals, exposure to mold can sometimes lead to hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a potentially life-threatening condition. Keeping mold out of indoor air is essential to ensure a healthy environment inside your home.

Lower Energy Efficiency and More Frequent Repairs

Dust and particulates in your ductwork can reduce the overall performance and energy efficiency of your HVAC equipment. This can lead to more frequent breakdowns and increased costs of operating your heating and cooling system. Investing in a professional evaluation of your home’s air quality can save you money over the life of your furnace and air conditioning equipment.

The expert technicians at JD’s A/C can evaluate your ductwork, your HVAC system, and the conditions in your home to identify threats to indoor air quality. We sell and install air purifiers that can remove up to 99 percent of microorganisms from the air inside your home, allowing you to breathe easy during every season of the year. To learn more about our full line of indoor air quality solutions, call us at (903) 759-7483. We look forward to working with you.

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