Maintain a Durable Air Conditioner with Preventative Maintenance

Feb 3, 2012

If the cost to run the air conditioner in your Longview, Texas home seems to be getting out of hand, perhaps you should consider a preventative maintenance contract. At JD’s Air Now, an air conditioner repair and installation company in Longview, we offer our customers several air conditioning options, including a preventative maintenance agreement. As our air conditioning specialists will advise you, a preventative maintenance contract is one of your best air conditioning options. It allows you to save money and increases your indoor air quality at the same time.

When an air conditioning specialist from our air conditioner repair and installation company arrives at your home, he or she will get right to work on performing a tune-up on your air conditioner. While our air conditioning specialists realize that everyone’s unit works a bit differently, we still provide them with a maintenance checklist for each air conditioner tune-up appointment. You can expect the air conditioning specialists from our air conditioner repair and installation company to refill R-22 and refrigerant fluid, tighten loose wiring, change the air filter and any other air conditioning options that your unit requires.

Once the air conditioning specialists from JD’s Air Now have completed your air conditioner tune-up, you will receive a report outlining your various air conditioning options. The report will include everything that was completed during your preventative maintenance exam as well as recommendations for future service. As an annual service plan member at our air conditioner repair and installation company, you are entitled to a discount on future parts and labor if any are required. We also provide you with a furnace tune-up in the fall, priority scheduling over non-plan members and a host of other benefits. This is in addition to all of the money you save on repair bills and premature replacement of your unit.

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