Live Healthier with Proper Humidification in Longview, TX

Jan 6, 2012

Live Healthier with Proper Humidification in Longview, TX

During the long and humid summers in the metropolitan Longview, TX area, your air conditioning system gets quite a workout. While your HVAC system can bring the inside of your home to a comfortable temperature, one component of your comfort may be forgotten by your traditional HVAC system, which is the humidity level of your home. Hiring a qualified heating and cooling professional to install a whole house humidifier not only helps you feel more comfortable all year long, but has many benefits to your health as well.

With summer temperatures that can easily top 100F, the hot and humid summers of Longview and the surrounding metropolitan Longview area require the use of an air conditioning system to keep you comfortable. However, your air conditioner may remove too much humidity from the air inside your home, resulting in dry skin and cracked lips, along with other health concerns such as sinusitis. On the other hand, if your HVAC system has a hard time keeping up with temperature control, humidity levels inside your home may become too high, resulting in mold growth that triggers allergic reactions in you or your family members. A whole house humidifier installed by a professional HVAC technician will control the level of humidity in your home, helping to keep you healthy no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

A whole house humidifier works in conjunction with your heating and cooling system. Your installer will set the humidifier to maintain a level of humidity between 30 and 50 percent, which is the proper humidification level to keep your skin and respiratory system healthy, and avoids problems associated with excessive humidity levels. Installing a whole house humidifier will ensure your comfort all year long, during the drier fall and winter months as well as the humid summer.

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