What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

If you are like most people, you enjoy air conditioning in most aspects of your life. Even so, you may not know who invented air conditioning or why. The invention of air conditioning was no accident, as with other technologies. In 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier deliberately set out on the quest to create a system for a printing plant that would reduce humidity. The result was a system that cooled the ambient air as moisture was removed.

Versatility of the Air Conditioner

Cool ambient air was, however, an unintended consequence of Carrier’s invention. As moisture is extracted from the air, the air cools. Very soon after the first air conditioner was placed into commission, the added benefit of the cooling of the air in the dehumidifying process did not go unheeded. The ambient air in the plant cooled and the workers were more productive as a result.

Industry authorities soon created standards by listing the functions that the air conditioning unit should perform:

  1. Control humidity
  2. Control temperature
  3. Circulate the air
  4. Clean the air

In 1914, the Buffalo Forge Company reduced their engineering staff to focus solely on manufacturing for the World War I effort. Carrier, the man who invented air conditioning, along with the other seven engineers released from the manufacturing company, combined their life savings to create the Carrier Engineering Corporation. The new company opened in June of 1915. The company was dedicated to refining the air conditioning process and disseminating the new technology for mainly commercial use in manufacturing plants.

Formation of the Carrier Corporation

The Great Depression caused the Carrier Engineering Corporation to suffer financial setbacks, as with most businesses at that time. The company merged with two other companies, York Heating and Ventilating and the Brunswick Kroeschell Company in 1929. The resulting company was named the Carrier Corporation. Since 1929, the Carrier Corporation has been the leading name in the manufacturing and distribution of HVAC equipment.

Growth in Adoption

Willis Carrier’s “Igloo” air conditioner was featured at the New York World’s Fair in 1939. However, the onset of World War II delayed the adoption of the refined invention. As the U.S. experienced economic prosperity after the end of WW II, the air conditioner quickly grew in popularity for both residential and commercial use. As the Sunbelt become more populated in the 1950s and 1960s, the air conditioning industry experienced explosive growth.

Today, Carrier remains the leader in air conditioning innovation and sales. The Carrier Corporation’s annual sales exceed $15 billion per year and the company currently employs over 45,000 people worldwide.
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