What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

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This summer has been a scorcher, and your home in Longview, Texas, has likely felt hot at one point. To help beat the heat and make sure your home stays cool all summer long, make sure to follow these three AC maintenance tips:

Replace Your HVAC Filter

Your air filters will stop dust and debris from entering your air conditioning unit. As a result, it’ll protect it from damage and help it operate as efficiently as possible.

When filters become clogged, your air quality can suffer, and your air conditioner can begin to work harder than it needs to create a comfortable temperature in your home. Overworking your air conditioner will not only create higher energy bills but also cause the parts in your system to wear down more quickly.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Cut back any brush, tall grass, or branches that could fall on your outdoor unit or are closer than two feet. If there are any leaves or grass in the fins of your unit, make sure to clear them to prevent them from clogging your system. Otherwise, they can cause your system to stop running. Make sure your unit is turned off before removing any overgrowth that has made its way into it.

Vacuum and Straighten Fins

The fins around your outdoor unit can become clogged and bent, causing issues with the airflow. After shutting the power down to your unit, remove the outer covers and use a shop vacuum brush attachment to gently remove debris from between the outer fins. Next, spray them with a garden hose using a steady stream to remove additional buildup. If you notice any severely bent fins that could inhibit airflow, gently straighten them using a butter knife.

If you’re in need of AC maintenance for your air conditioning unit, contact JD’s AC today by calling (903) 759-7483. We’re here to help you stay cool and comfortable throughout the rest of the hot summer months in Texas.

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