What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

Is your heat pump making noises it’s never made before? Strange noises are a major indicator of something going wrong in the heat pump or air handler. Waiting too long to act on those noises can cause more damage.

Here are some heat pump noises homeowners may hear and what they mean:

  • Grinding indicates parts are scraping against each other, and that’s not supposed to happen within a heat pump. Some potential causes include a bent fan blade, the motor overheating or even debris hitting the fan blades. If the system keeps running with that grinding, it can cause further damage. Shut down the system and bring in a professional immediately.
  • Humming happens when something in the heat pump may be overworking. It might be a fan motor or even the compressor. If this goes on too long, the system will shut off or overheat. Some leaks also cause the system to make a humming sound. Shut down the system and let a professional check it before restarting it.
  • Hissing usually indicates a leak occurring somewhere. It might also be electricity arcing between components. To prevent further damage, shut down the system immediately and call an HVAC professional.

When you hear these noises or any other sound that’s not normal for your heat pump, you need an experienced HVAC company to handle the problem. Trying to diagnose or fix it yourself could be dangerous and void your heat pump warranty.

If you find your heat pump making noise it has never made before, contac the pros at JD’s A/C. We serve residential and commercial customers in and around the Longview area.

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