What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

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Though it’s not a visible part of your office space, indoor air quality plays a major role in how your workers function. If you’re looking for an efficient way to boost performance, addressing your HVAC system may be just the thing. Improving ventilation, filtration and humidity levels in your Longview, Texas, office can make a big difference in how your workers get things done.

Improve Ventilation

Ventilation systems work to actively pull pollutants from the air, venting them outside while pulling clean air in. Office equipment, furniture, supplies and building materials can all off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Ventilation will help minimize VOC levels in your workspace. Studies have shown that workers in well-ventilated areas have higher cognitive functioning scores, indicating that they’ll be better at developing smart strategies and solving problems.

Clear Pollutants From the Air

Ventilation will remove some pollutants from the air. But this isn’t always adequate to get them all out of the office space.

For this, you need good filtration. Change your HVAC air filter every one to three months for the best performance. You may also want to consider integrating an indoor air cleaner with your HVAC system. Air cleaners typically capture some of the smaller airborne irritants that a standard filter will miss. Eliminating indoor air pollution can increase productivity rates in your office.

Manage Humidity Levels

High humidity levels create a hazardous environment that’s conducive to the growth of viruses, bacteria and microbial growth. If you’re looking to reduce the rate of employee illness, a dehumidifier can keep high moisture levels under control.

If you have the opposite problem and experience low humidity levels, those in the office might experience dry, cracked nasal passages that make it easier for a virus to take hold. In this case, a humidifier might be the answer.

If you’re ready to start tackling the indoor air quality in your office, call JD’s A/C at (903) 759-7483 today. Our service technicians can help you find the perfect solution for your workspace.

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