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HVAC maintenance for pet owners

Feb 3, 2012

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Pets are beloved family members, however they can have negative impacts on the quality of your indoor air quality. Beyond daily feeding and watering, positive attention, and cleaning, pet owners should be aware that having a pet comes with unforeseen responsibilities, such as maintaining the quality of their indoor air. Making it extremely important to be just as caring when keeping our AC systems in healthy, clean working order. 


In this post, AC repair expert JD’s AC, gives maintenance tips that will help ensure your HVAC system stays efficient for you and your pets.


Keep Pet’s Groomed Regularly


Regular grooming visits for your beloved pet are important because they not only keep your pet feeling great, they shed less too! The small undercoat that your pet sheds when not properly groomed increases the amount of hair that’s caught on the filters, causing your AC system to work harder than it has too. Regular grooming visits for your pet mens less filter changes for your home AC System, cleaner air, and overall less pet dander inside your home.


Clean Your Air Ducts And Vents 


As we mentioned above, pet hair often finds its way into your homes vents and air ducts. Clogged air ducts are an ideal breeding place for many viruses and bacteria, which is why we recommend leaving the task of cleaning them to a professional. Whether you need your home air ducts cleaned or an air conditioner repair, you can rely on JD’s AC. Our team can also diagnose your duct system and perform energy audits and duct testing to spot leaks and among other issues before they come to costly repairs. 


Change Your Air Filters Regularly 


Why is it important to change your ac filters regularly with HVAC maintenance for pet owners? 

Pet dander is small particles of dead skin that rise into the air after it comes off your pets. Your air conditioner’s air filters catch these particles along with your pet’s hair. As time passes these build up, causing the airflow in your home to decrease, making your HVAC system work harder to heat or cool the interior of your home. And as a result, your energy bill will likely increase. You’ll need to change air filters more often the more pets you have. In addition, you’ll need to change them more frequently if someone in the family suffers from allergies. 

It is recommended that pet owners replace their ac filters every 20-45 days depending on how many furry occupants they have. 


Adjust Your Thermostat When Pets Are Home Alone


You might like to keep the thermostat set at 72 degrees year-round, but rest assured that your pets will remain safe and comfortable with a much wider temperature range. You could save energy and money by setting your temperature as low as 65 degrees in the winter and as high as 80 degrees in the summer when only pets are home. 


Fence Off Your AC Unit 


When unsupervised, your household pal can be a threat to your air conditioner – and, inevitably, the overall comfort of your home! Your beloved Fido can cause components of your AC unit to deteriorate over time just by urinating on it. In order to prevent the costly replacement of your AC unit – or even costly repairs, JD’s AC recommends building a small, breathable, inclosure 2 feet out around your outdoor HVAC Unit. Keeping both your AC unit and your furry friends safe. And while it is generally safe for pets to be around these units, restricting access will make sure cats don’t claw at the fins of your unit and that your dogs don’t chew on the cables.


Pay Attention To The Pet Door 


While having a pet door can be extremely convenient for the more independent pet – it could be a direct cause of high energy consumption. And unfortunately, your energy bill isn’t thanking you and neither is your HVAC unit. More often than not, your doggie door may not be properly installed with your AC unit in mind. It is vital to ensure that the pet door is properly caulked to prevent heat and cold from escaping your home – causing strain on your HVAC system. 


Check For Exposed Dangers 


Check for exposed dangers. Curious cats and dogs who like to chew will find things in your home you didn’t even know were accessible. Keep your HVAC system and, most importantly, your family pets safe by enclosing any wires or dangerous elements your pet might find. Simple steps such as these will keep your pet and your HVAC system safe, happy and healthy for many years to come.


Consider Adding An Air Purification System In Your Home 


Many families are now installing an air purification system in their homes. Whether you suffer with common allergies, have household pets, or just want cleaner air within your home, a system like the Air Scrubber, could be for you! The Air Scrubber works by drawing in the air from surrounding environments, and removing odor and other particles such as dirt, dander, gasses, chemicals, hair, and more. Air Scrubbers are also highly beneficial in removing common cold and virus causing bacterias. 


Seasonal Check Ups With A Certified HVAC Provider 


Even if you take preventative measures throughout the year to protect your heating and cooling system, you still need to have regular professional inspections performed. A regular inspection and tune-up by a licensed HVAC technician will help to prevent the spread of pet dander throughout your home. Enlist the help of the pros. A partnership with an experienced JD’s AC HVAC service provider will help you ensure your HVAC maintenance for pet owners is working at its best and extend the life of your system. A preventive maintenance plan will also extend the life of your equipment, prevent emergency repairs and keep your home safe. As a pet owner, you want to do all you can to take care of your furry friend. You can do so by ensuring your HVAC unit isn’t a danger to your pet and has routine maintenance checks. 

JD’s AC is your source for heating and cooling services in Longview, Texas and the surrounding areas. We’ve been serving the East Texas community for nearly 2 decades and we are here to help keep you, and your pets safe and keep your home comfortable.

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