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Feb 3, 2012

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As the winter months approach, many homeowners in Liberty City, Texas, think ahead to their heating bills. If you’re like most of them, that thought probably makes you cringe. If you’re concerned about the cost of heating your home, try these tips for winter energy savings:

Set the Fan to Auto

As you’re adjusting your thermostat for the winter season, check the fan setting and make sure that it’s on auto. As a result, it’ll turn on when the system does. If you set the fan to on, it’ll run continuously, whether the heater is running or not. This isn’t the most energy-efficient option.

There are two primary exceptions. If you experience a warm spell and don’t use the heater for several days, run the fan for about an hour periodically to filter the air and keep your home feeling fresh. You may also want to turn on the fan while you’re cleaning so it’ll pull dust and dander from the air as you’re stirring them up.

Maintain Your Temps

The most energy-efficient way to run your heater is to maintain set temperatures for long periods of around eight hours or more. If you have a variable speed system, it can run at a very low power level over a continuous period of time, delivering optimum comfort and efficiency.

However, even a single-speed system enjoys better efficiency when it runs steadily rather than cycling on and off. Avoid periodic adjustments throughout the day, which causes your system to cycle as it compensates. Stick to your preprogrammed settings.

Set the Thermostat Back

Set the temperature on your thermostat as low as you can comfortably manage. This will keep your energy bills low as well. Set the thermostat even lower at night and during the day while you’re away. When you’re sleeping, you can more easily compensate for the low temperature with flannel sheets, cozy pajamas and extra blankets. Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat to do this job automatically for you.

Scheduling regular maintenance is another way to enjoy winter energy savings. If you’re overdue for a heating tuneup, contact JD’s A/C at (903) 759-7483 to make an appointment.

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