How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioning and Heating

Feb 3, 2012

Troubleshooting an air conditioning and heating unit is not difficult if specific steps are followed. The HVAC system is a complex machine and there are times when problems develop. HVAC owners in Longview, Texas, and surrounding areas can generally get the system running again unless a greater problem has developed. At that point, a professional must be called.

First, check the circuit breakers. It is possible a power surge or something tripped it. AC installation and furnace installation requires a dedicated circuit for the unit, so it will be easy to find. Reset the thermostat and see if the unit starts working.

Second, check the thermostat controls. If they are different than desired, change them now. Wait until the air conditioning unit starts. If not, set the temperature near the current room temperature and try again.

Third, check the thermostat battery. The thermostat is not wired to the house power during AC installation or furnace installation. Change the battery and reset the thermostat. DIY’ers often attempt unnecessary furnace repair instead of this simple step.

Fourth, check the filters, coils and controls for dust, dirt and debris. Residents in Longview, Texas and surrounding areas need to maintain the system so it will work properly. Furnace repair and emergency furnace installation often result from poor maintenance.

If these steps do not get the unit working again, call JD’s Air Now, a professional repair service in Longview, Texas and surrounding areas.

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