Heating Repair Longview, TX

Dec 14, 2011

As a home or business owner in Longview TX, it is in your best interest to perform necessary heating repairs sooner rather than later. By scheduling regular maintenance on your furnace, heat pump and air conditioning system and making repairs when issues are discovered, you may save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by repairing small problems before they morph into significant breakdowns. Our professional heating and cooling service technicians perform air conditioning and heating repairs on all makes and models of residential and commercial heating and cooling systems throughout the Longview TX metropolitan area.

Our air conditioning and heating service technicians offer maintenance services that may help you avoid costly heating repairs. Our regular maintenance services for residential and commercial heating systems in Longview TX include cleaning and lubricating the motor and fan, checking the coolant level if your system includes a heat pump, checking the wiring and connections, tightening the belt, cleaning the coils and adjusting your thermostat to allow your furnace to operate at maximum efficiency. Every three to six months, the air filter on your heating system should either be cleaned or replaced, which we do on our routine maintenance visit.

Heating Repairs
Even with regular and careful maintenance, you may occasionally need our services for heating repairs. Commonly needed heating repairs include adjustments and replacement of belts, the motor and blower. Electrical problems such as a blown fuse or tripped breaker are also common issues with residential and commercial heating systems. A problem with your thermostat may also cause you to need our heating repair services.

Emergency Repairs
Our professional service technicians offer emergency 24/7 heater repairs throughout Longview TX and the surrounding areas. We understand that heating problems often develop at inconvenient times, and we are here for you no matter when you need us.

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