What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

For those who aren’t used to dealing with HVAC components, it may seem a little strange that a cooling system is based on a piece of equipment that is called a heat pump. Whether you are moving into a new home or thinking about your need for replacement equipment, you may wonder how heat pumps work to provide you with the cool air needed during a blistering hot summer in Longview TX.

Basic Heat Pump Operation

You may be surprised to learn that your heat pump uses refrigerant for both heating and cooling needs in your home climate control. The behavior of refrigerant is integral in the operation of the system. As the material is cycled through coils in equipment, it is condensed at some points and expanded at others. When your refrigerant is compressed, it becomes hot. When the material is allowed to expand, it becomes cold.

An air conditioning unit works with this same principle. The main difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner is the direction in which refrigerant is cycled. The air conditioner uses a one-direction system for the refrigerant, compressing and heating outside while expanding and cooling inside. In a heat pump, the direction of the process can be reversed. When heat is needed indoors, the compression is handled in the indoor coil. When cool air is needed, the process is reversed.

Is a Heat Pump Difficult to Maintain?

Maintenance of any piece of HVAC equipment is important. You don’t need to know how heat pumps work to be able to take care of your system. Each season of use should begin with a clean air filter in place. You need to make sure that your vents are free from foreign material. It’s important to check your thermostat battery and try your settings. At JD’s A/C LLC, we offer seasonal tune-up specials that allow our customers to have their equipment checked and optimized. We make sure that your refrigerant levels are appropriate and check for signs of damage. The service is reasonably priced and can eliminate the majority of repair issues for most homeowners.

Isn’t an Air Conditioner Enough?

While Texas is known for its hot summers, we also have our share of chilly winter temperatures. Averages are above freezing, but occasional single-digit lows have been recorded. You need a reliable source of heat that will provide casual heating during milder winter days while handling the heavy demands of those rare record-setting conditions. A heat pump is an excellent way to address year-round HVAC needs in your home. You can contact us at JD’s A/C LLC to find out about the best home heating and cooling options for your home and the latest air quality trends in the industry.
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