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Feb 3, 2012

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Here in the heart of East Texas, the Summer heat is rarely a friend. And while HVAC units don’t do a lot for the aesthetics of our landscaping, they are 100% necessary for our comfort. Okay, we’ll just say it: they’re ugly! But who says you can’t have a functional AC unit and a beautiful yard? 

Here are 3 things to keep in mind at all times when landscaping around your HVAC unit: 

  • Provide sufficient airflow

It’s important that you provide sufficient airflow around your system. There should be an average of 2-3 feet of clearance around your outdoor HVAC unit. If there are any plants, or objects closer than this; airflow will be obstructed. This could potentially result in: 

    1. Reduction in energy efficiency 
    2. A shorter lifespan of your air conditioning system 
    3. Frequent repairs

And one thing that all 3 of these points have in common? They will all cost you MORE money! You should be excited for all the summer activities you’ve waited a year to enjoy. Plus, we will be thanking you too when our certified technician comes out to inspect and perform routine maintenance on your HVAC system (Look at all that space!). 

  • Protect your unit from debris

Protecting your unit from debris is vital. While we highly encourage and recommend for you to AC landscape around your unit, you will want to keep in mind to stay a fair distance away. Throughout the year, every dirt, lead, and twig that gets inside will slowly run your unit down. 


  • Provide plenty of shade

Just like us, our air conditioning unit would rather be in the shade too. While shading your condenser is relatively ineffective. By providing shade for your surrounding yard as a whole, you are able to create what is referred to as a ‘Micro-Climate”. So thanks to 1 or 2 trees, you could get savings year round! 

  • Need a break? How about a windbreak! 

A windbreak is one of the best ways that you can 

  1. Landscape your yard and 
  2. Provide protection and good airflow for your HVAC unit. 

When you begin to landscape around your AC unit, we recommend that you use evergreen plants to do so. These are great for many homeowners because they don’t require much maintenance, and will never lose their leaves. Types of evergreen trees include; 

  • Boxwood 
  • Cypress 
  • Cedar 
  • Spruce 

Remember! Keep at least 2-3 feet away from your unit at all times and ensure that your unit is accessible at all times at least on one side. This will allow our technicians to work on, and perform general HVAC maintenance

     5)  Not up for the upkeep? Landscape with Trellis, screen or lattice instead! 

You don’t have to go all plant based when laying out your landscaping plan.  

  • Trellis: A trellis is a beautiful way to hide your condenser. You can dress them with vines, or other forms of greenery. 
  • Screens: If you do choose to screen in your air conditioning unit, you will want to make sure that your unit remains easily accessible through either a door or an open side.
  • Lattice Box: This is one of the best options for many homeowners. Lattice offers a good neutral combination of trellis and screen, with a visual appeal and no plants to maintain.   


Keeping both your yard and your air conditioner in tip-top shape!

While our crew here at JD’s AC can’t help you cut the grass, trim your trees, or plant flowers in your garden bed; we can keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently. Before you begin your landscaping for the year, give us a call for annual maintenance and inspection! Our certified HVAC technicians will catch any issue before it becomes a larger problem.

Don’t wait for the stringent Longview, TX summer to hit its stride; make your next appointment today! JD’s AC proudly serves residential and commercial properties within Longview TX, Marshall TX, Gilmer TX, Gladewater TX, Tyler TX, Hallsville TX, Diana TX, Ore City TX, and surrounding areas within East Texas.

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