What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

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Having a comfortable home is important for homeowners Kilgore, Texas. Part of maintaining a comfortable home is consistent, accurate climate control. An uneven temperature in your home can be uncomfortable and point to bigger issues in your climate control system. Here are three common reasons your home may have cold or hot spots:

Leaky Ductwork

Your ductwork is how air moves around in your home from the central climate control unit to the interior. If your ductwork has leaks, particularly leaks that only affect one or two rooms, you’ll definitely notice hot or cold spots in your home.

There are a number of ways you can fix this. But it’s important to consult a professional: finding leaks can be tricky and repairs are a delicate operation. Ductwork that clogs with dust can pose similar issues, and the home symptoms are often the same.

Blocked Vents

Blocked vents are one of the most common causes of temperature differences in a home. That’s especially if they’re confined to smaller spots in your home and not entire rooms.

Vents are vital for moving air around your home. Blockages can spell big issues for your home comfort. Some homeowners believe that closing vents can help save them money. But chances are this will just lead to an uncomfortable home with inconsistent temps. Make sure that all your vents are open and clear of debris to help facilitate airflow.

Improper Sizing

If hot and cold spots have been an ongoing issue in your house since you moved in, chances are it’s due to improper sizing of your ductwork. Like HVAC units, ducts have to be sized correctly to your home to work efficiently. Improperly sized ducts can lead to poor airflow throughout your home, resulting in uncomfortable temperature differences. Fixing this is the most labor-intensive of the potential causes; you may need to install new ductwork to fix this issue.

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