Hints to Help Control Humidity Levels and Reduce Mold in Your Longview, TX Home

Feb 3, 2012

High humidity levels in your Longview, TX home may fuel the growth of unhealthy or even toxic molds. The mold releases spores which you and your family breathe in, leading to respiratory troubles such as allergies, asthma and respiratory illnesses. Our air conditioning professionals explain how a new central air installation helps achieve ideal humidification levels.

Airflow and Ventilation
Today’s new central air installations offer constant and consistent airflow to all the rooms and spaces throughout your home. The newest systems offer multi-phase and split-phase cycling as well as fan-only settings so that fresh air is always cycling through your home. This improved ventilation reduces the moisture content of the air in your home, removing the source of water that mold requires for its growth.

Humidity Control Features
To help control the humidity level in your home, a new central air installation provides convenient features that are easy to use and maintain. One of these features is the air filter of your air conditioning system. When mold growth is noticeable, upgrade your filter to a high efficiency or HEPA filter to trap the spores and prevent new growth from occurring. Another humidity control option is a whole-home dehumidifier built into your central air installation. The dehumidifier works together with your air conditioner to remove excess moisture from within your home and ventilates it to the outdoors.

At JD’s Air Now, we offer central air installations, air conditioning maintenance and repair to control humidity levels and reduce mold in your Longview, TX home. Our service technicians take pride in providing reliable, affordable and trustworthy air conditioning services for homes of all types. When you need a central air installation to control humidity levels and reduce mold growth in your home, our team at JD’s Air Now is ready to serve you.

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