What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

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Are you planning to upgrade your HVAC system? If so, consider installing a heat pump. Our moderate East Texas climate is ideal for these energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Unlike traditional furnaces or boilers, which burn fossil fuels to generate heat for distribution throughout your home, heat pumps simply move heat from outdoors to heat the inside of your home. In hot weather, the system reverses and pumps heat out of your house like a conventional air conditioner.

Using Heat Pumps in Moderate Climates

A heat pump is an excellent choice for energy-efficient heating in moderate climates. Since it uses a small amount of electricity to move heat that’s already present in the air, it requires less energy to heat the same space than a fuel-burning system. Heat pumps lose their effectiveness as outdoor temperatures approach or drop below freezing, so they rely on more expensive backup electric resistance heat in very cold weather. In the Longview area, that backup heat isn’t needed often during the year, so a heat pump offers an economical method for home heating.

Save Energy, Money and Space

Most heat pumps are air-source systems that absorb heat from outdoor air. An alternative to air-source systems are ground-source, or geothermal, systems that collect heat from the ground at a depth where the temperature is constant year-round. Geothermal systems are more expensive to install, but they provide more energy-efficient cooling and heating than air-source systems. They pay their additional cost back via lower energy bills over the life of the system.

Since a heat pump combines heating and cooling functions in the same equipment, it offers cost and space advantages over a conventional heating and air conditioning system. If you’re upgrading your existing HVAC system, a heat pump can use your existing ductwork. For new construction, a heat pump requires less indoor space than a system that includes a furnace and an air conditioner.

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