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Feb 3, 2012

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Cooling and heating with a heat pump is an efficient way to condition your home’s air, but for maximum efficiency, your system should be well maintained. Heat pump maintenance ensures your household is comfortable and that your system is in good shape to meet the extremes of every season. What’s more, you’ll save money on energy, as experts estimate that a well-maintained heat pump consumes 10 to 25 percent less fuel than one that is neglected.

Although a heat pump works differently than a forced-air furnace and air conditioner, many of the maintenance tasks required for consistent operation of your system are similar. Here’s a rundown on things you can look after, and things you should hire a service pro to do.

Do-It-Yourself Tasks
• Change the air filter regularly. Filters should be changed monthly to maintain system efficiency.
• Clean coils and fans. Homeowners who feel knowledgeable enough about heat pump design may want to clean the outdoor condenser coil and the fan themselves. Clean parts help the system work better.
• Clean around the outdoor unit. Clear leaves, grass clippings or other debris from the outdoor condenser.
• Clean supply and return registers. Registers should be cleaned at least once a year so that dust, dirt and pet hair don’t clog them and affect the inflow or outflow of air.
Maintenance Tasks for a Pro
• Check thermostat operation.
• Check refrigerant. Make sure there are no leaks and that refrigerant is at the proper level.
• Measure airflow. If airflow is too low, the technician can clean the evaporator coil or increase fan speed. Ductwork modification may also be needed.
• Inspect ducts for dirt, obstructions or leaks. Dirty, obstructed ducts may diminish airflow, while leaks will compromise heating and cooling efficiency.
• Check electrical terminals. Tighten connections and clean terminals.
• Lubricate motors.
• Check belts. Tighten them if loose and replace them if they are frayed.
• Check controls. Make sure that the heating is shut out when the thermostat is set to cool, and vice versa.

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