What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

We’re blessed with relatively mild winters here in Longview, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to worry about keeping our heating systems running as efficiently as possible. Even with a modern high-efficiency furnace, you may be wasting many of your heating dollars due to problems with your ductwork. If your ducts are well sealed and insulated and there are no restrictions to supply and return air flow, the hot air your furnace produces will stay inside your ducts until it reaches the intended rooms. On the other hand, ductwork with leaks and other problems can not only lose energy, but also pose safety and health problems for your family.

Calling your HVAC pro out for a ductwork inspection is a wise investment. Here are some things your technician will look for to be sure your duct system is working right for you:

  • Is your filter clean? Your furnace filter should be cleaned or changed regularly so that dust buildup doesn’t restrict air flow. Dirty filters reduce energy efficiency and shorten the life of your air handling equipment.
  • Are flexible ducts well supported and not kinked? Sometimes installers trying to save money will bend flexible ducts too tightly around corners or install them without sufficient support to keep them from shifting, causing kinks that restrict air flow. Kinked ducts should be straightened out or replaced.
  • Are duct seams and joints tight and well sealed? Seams in sheet metal and connections between ducts should be fastened with screws or clamps and sealed with mastic. Common gray duct tape won’t do the job since it deteriorates with age and heat exposure.
  • Are ducts properly insulated? Duct in unconditioned areas like your attic should be insulated to minimize energy losses due to heat conduction. Insulation that’s been damaged by moisture or rodents should be replaced.
  • Are supply and return registers unobstructed? Proper airflow balance is crucial to efficient operation of your furnace. Be sure vents aren’t blocked by furniture, carpets or other obstructions.

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