What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

Airtight construction through the use of solid materials and modern carpentry methods seals out leaks and keeps your Longview home draft free and energy efficient. Insulation helps keep the heat inside (or outside in the summer). The disadvantage to an airtight home, however, is that the trapped indoor air can lead to unhealthful conditions and high moisture and humidity levels. That’s why it’s so important to have an effective ventilation system in your Longview home.

Airtight homes should be constructed of materials that won’t leach toxic fumes or particles into the air. They also should be resistant to moisture and mold growth. It’s important that a home is able to dry out after wet Texas weather without retaining moisture.

Another potential air quality hazard is fumes from appliances that use combustion, like gas furnaces or water heaters. A way to avoid this is to place these appliances in their own spaces, away from living quarters, with separate ventilation systems. Oven range fans and bathroom exhaust fans also help to move poor air outside before it degrades indoor air quality.

In Longview where it’s often hot and the air conditioning is on regularly, humidity problems can be a big problem without proper dehumidification and ventilation. It can lead to an excess of moisture, which damages hardwood furniture, endangers health and creates odors. Uncontrolled moisture can cause toxic mold growth. Humidity can be partially controlled with the right size air conditioner. Make sure the unit is not too large; it should provide long cooling cycles with enough running time to remove humidity.

Above all, a whole house ventilation system is one of the most important pieces of equipment to add to an airtight home. It will solve both air quality and moisture problems when it’s placed in a location where fresh air is plentiful – not where it will draw in exhaust fumes from a garage or roof. A balanced ventilation system not only brings in fresh air; it removes stale air and helps control humidity and moisture.

With our experienced, factory-trained technicians, JD’s A/C can help install the right HVAC equipment and ventilation system to regulate air quality and humidity in your Longview home. Contact us to find out more how to keep your home airtight and healthful.

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