What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

If you have never had preventative maintenance performed on your HVAC system, fall is the perfect time to start. At JD’s A/C, we offer tune up specials to both residential and commercial customers. You can take advantage of our tune specials in Longview TX at any time of the year, although we recommend a fall appointment for your heating system and a spring appointment for your air conditioner. We encourage you to request our tune up specials now to beat the winter rush. JD’s A/C has been serving Longview TX and the surrounding communities for more than 30 years. Our tune up specials in Longview TX are just $79.

What to Expect from Your Fall Preventative Maintenance Appointment

When we send a service technician to your Longview TX home or business, safety is the first order of business. Older gas furnaces can produce odorless carbon monoxide leaks that put your family or employees in danger. Our company has specialized equipment available to ensure that there are no gas leaks in your home or business in Longview TX.

After ensuring your safety, our technician then provides routine maintenance for your furnace or heat pump. Some of the services he or she performs include checking the furnace pilot light, changing the air filter, making sure the thermostat is set properly and related functions. We go through several dozen points of maintenance by the time the appointment is concluded. At the end of your heating system preventative maintenance appointment, our technician provides you with a report outlining the services performed and recommendations for future repairs. If you decide to schedule another appointment, you may be entitled to additional discounts as a service plan member.

What to Expect from Your Spring Preventative Maintenance Appointment

Our tune up specials are good at any time of the year. During your air conditioning maintenance appointment, our technician checks for loose wiring, ensures that the drainage tubes aren’t clogged, lubricates moving parts, refills the refrigerant gas supply and more. We encourage you to change the air filter on both your air conditioner and heating system at least once every three months. You may need to upgrade this during times of heavy use or if someone in your home suffers from respiratory problems.

How Preventative Maintenance Pays You Back

The benefits you receive from regular preventative maintenance are far greater than the $79 a year that you pay for it. After more than 30 years in business, JD’s A/C does not hesitate to recommend regular tune-ups for all customers. It is the single most important thing you can do to extend the longevity of both your air conditioner and heating system. Other benefits of regular preventative maintenance include improved indoor comfort, decreased monthly operating costs, less frequent repairs and reduced impact on the environment.

Preventative maintenance is a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach to caring for your HVAC equipment. Just like your vehicle, your HVAC system responds with maximum efficiency when it receives regular attention.

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