Each Home Has Its Own Unique Heating Demands

Feb 3, 2012

For existing homes and businesses, customers in Longview, Texas and surrounding areas should consult a professional HVAC company for a heating and cooling assessment. This assessment will pinpoint the needs of the building before any AC installation or furnace installation takes place. Homes with an existing air conditioner also need an assessment. The assessment can point out areas like damp basements that could lead to breakdowns and the need for furnace repair.

New homes with air conditioning should also have an assessment. Areas where contractors failed to seal could necessitate additional AC installation or furnace installation. Improperly installed ducting could lead to a furnace repair in time. All of these factors need to be addressed to save the owner money and keep the family comfortable.

The climate should be considered before any AC installation or furnace installation in Longview, Texas and surrounding areas. With extreme temperatures in both summer and winter, choosing the right unit whether it is an air conditioner, a furnace or a combined unit is paramount. An undersized unit will need furnace repair at the worst possible time.

Windows should be dual- paned and insulated. If the house has single- paned windows or leaking units, any AC installation or furnace installation will not result in a temperature- controlled environment. It is the same as throwing money out of the window; hanging an air conditioning unit in a leaky window is just as bad. A unit that has to work overtime trying to keep an unsealed house warm will need furnace repair because it will run constantly and wear out quickly.

By learning what your home’s unique heating and cooling demands are, you will be able to make any repairs necessary to increase your home energy efficiency. You will be able to choose the correct sized air conditioning system so your family will be comfortable all year long.

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