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Feb 3, 2012

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Do you own or manage a business in Gladewater, Texas, and hear funny noises coming from your commercial heater? If so, they could indicate a serious problem. Keeping the heater running in top condition is important for your employees and patrons. Having any weird noises checked as soon as possible is vital. Let’s look at a few uncommon noises and what they might mean.


The air handler in the heating system circulates warm air while the heater is running. If the oiled bearings begin to wear out, friction on the air handler increases. If you hear grinding, the air handler could burn out. As a result, you won’t have warm air circulating through your business.


If there’s gas building up in the heater and it explodes, you’ll hear a booming sound. This is a serious situation that has the potential for a fire. If you hear loud booming, shut the heater off and have it looked at right away.


This sound usually indicates a broken part is flying around inside of the heater’s housing unit. If left unchecked, the broken part can cause harm to other components of the heater and potentially cause a premature breakdown of the system.


Clicking generally indicates a problem with the flame sensor, the burner assembly or the ignition switch. Any faults within the burner assembly need immediate attention as this poses a fire hazard.


If your system is constantly shutting off before sufficiently heating the space, that’s called short-cycling. When the system is turning on and off every few minutes, which you usually can hear, it begins to accrue wear and tear at a rapid pace. If left unchecked, short-cycling can cause your heater to malfunction and shorten its life expectancy.

Scheduling routine preventive maintenance will help to eliminate most of these commercial heater issues. Give our professional team at JD’s A/C a call today to schedule an appointment if you’re having any issues with your commercial heater. You can reach us at (903) 759-7483.

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