Consequences of Neglecting an Annual Furnace Inspection

Feb 3, 2012

As a home or business owner in Longview, Texas or the surrounding area, getting your annual air conditioning and furnace inspection may not be high on your list of priorities. However, your annual air conditioning and furnace inspection provides many benefits, including ensuring that your HVAC system is safe and in good working order. There are consequences of neglecting an annual furnace inspection, including the potential for a costly furnace repair.

During your furnace installation or AC installation, your warranty may stipulate an annual inspection to ensure proper functioning of the system. Neglecting this requirement could void your warranty.

Increased Expenses
Compared to the cost of an annual air conditioning and furnace inspection, a furnace repair is much more costly. During an inspection, our professional service technician identifies areas of concern and remedies the situation before the problem intensifies. Neglecting your annual inspection may lead to the need for a more extensive furnace repair.

Shorter Lifespan
Neglecting an annual inspection on your furnace could shorten its lifespan. A shorter system lifespan could necessitate a new furnace installation or AC installation earlier than you planned or budgeted for.

Safety Hazards
An annual furnace inspection identifies potential safety hazards such as problems with the gas line, flue, combustion or exhaust. A serious safety hazard requires immediate repair or a new AC installation or furnace installation.

System Breakdown
Failure to schedule an annual inspection and maintenance visit could result in a complete breakdown of your air conditioning and heating system. As a result, you may be faced with an expensive furnace repair or even need to have a new AC installation or furnace installation if a major system component fails.

Our professional service technicians offer annual furnace inspections throughout Longview, Texas and the surrounding area for all types of residential and commercial systems.

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