Coils and Condensers – What Are They and How Do They Contribute to Your Longview, TX HVAC System?

Feb 3, 2012

Longview, TX is among the many areas where summer can be extremely hot. Longview, TX residents should always ensure their cooling systems are working well. They should check their heating system and call for service if necessary long before the winter season starts. Coils and condensers can often be the cause of problems in heating and air conditioning systems. The evaporator coil is an essential part of the air conditioning system. Refrigerators and freezers also have evaporator coils. These are responsible for creating cool air in the air conditioning system. A defective coil may lead to serious system damage and discomfort for occupants. Evaporator coils transform refrigerant from liquid to gas. When evaporator coils break or fail, warm air comes out of the air conditioning system. Evaporator coils help keep Longview, TX homes and workplaces cool.

Condensers work with the evaporator coils. Condensers are responsible for moving the heat through the compressed refrigerant. The heat then goes to the coil to either heat or cool indoor areas. Condensers work with electronic controls, coils, fans and pumps. Condensers play an important role in cooling indoor environments when it is hot outside.

Condensers and evaporator coils should always be in good condition. Residents of Longview, TX should bear in mind that any problem with these parts requires urgent repair. The summer season in the area can be very uncomfortable without a functioning cooling system. With this, home and business owners in Longview, TX should not ignore problems like changes in the indoor temperature. Trouble with the evaporator coil or condenser often leads to the cooling unit being unable to provide a desirable indoor temperature. Do not spoil the summer with a defective air conditioner. Call the local heating and air conditioning experts whenever a problem is suspected.

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