What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

How do you decide on the right air conditioning filter each season? While some homeowners in Longview TX think first about costs, others consider the quality of the filter when they make a selection. However, many mistakenly assume that price indicates quality. It’s helpful to ignore pricing until you examine the ratings.

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value: MERV

The MERV scale was established in the late 1980s by HVAC professionals. It provides a standard that enables consumers to know whether an air conditioning filter is efficient. It’s possible to select a more expensive filter that has poor MERV ratings. It’s also possible to find cheap filters with high MERV ratings. Your considerations should include ratings as well as price.

The highest MERV ratings available are best for commercial, industrial and hospital environments. Your home HVAC system won’t be benefitted by a rating that exceeds 12. Those designs ranging from 13 to 20 on the MERV scale are too dense for residential equipment and can cause problems with system efficiency. Filters rated at 12 or less are appropriate.

MERV ratings at or below four indicate filters that are most appropriate for window air conditioning systems. Ratings from five to eight are best for residential systems. For superior filtration in your home, select a filter with a MERV rating above eight.

Measurements Matter

When you choose an air conditioning filter, it’s important to have the right measurements for height, width, and depth. Guessing isn’t wise as an oversized filter won’t fit the space. A filter that is too small will allow particles to move through the system around its edges. You can check your current filter for a label or measure to get the correct dimensions. If you don’t have a filter to check, then consult your owner’s materials or contact us at JD’s A/C LLC for help.

Choosing a Purification Unit

Some of our customers in Longview TX find that their indoor air quality issues improve dramatically when they use high quality filters. It’s important to check your filter monthly while your HVAC system is in use. However, some of our customers continue to struggle with allergies and other health issues in spite of the use of better filters. An air purifier can make a difference for those who need more intense air cleaning.

There are various models on the market. One of the most advanced choices is a germicidal air purifier. This type of system filters airborne particles efficiently. It also kills bacteria and viruses. The equipment coordinates with your HVAC system to ensure that your indoor air is healthy and comfortable. Our experts at JD’s A/C LLC can meet with you to discuss the latest models that may address your needs.

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