What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

When is it time for furnace replacement? Many people just use their existing system until it breaks down, but this is not the best strategy. The system could stop working in the winter and at the least convenient time.

The best time to replace a furnace in Longview TX is during the summer. That way, when the cooler weather kicks in, you’ll be good to go. HVAC dealers also have a larger selection of products during the summer, and sometimes they offer off-season discounts.

When To Consider Furnace Replacement

  • Unit is over ten years old
  • Energy costs are increasing
  • System needs frequent repairs
  • Heating is uneven or inconsistent
  • You have an older system that hasn’t been maintained
  • Heater is noisy or makes strange sounds
  • You’re considering a home addition

If you’re not sure about replacement, call a Longview TX HVAC company for a system inspection. A technician can assess the condition of your unit, suggest options and make recommendations. Many HVAC companies offer Home Energy Star Evaluations to determine which type of heating installation would best suit your needs.

Which Type Of Furnace Is Best?

Heating units of today are more efficient than they were a few years ago. Energy Star systems are highly efficient because they generate the most heat using the least fuel. These systems also reduce air pollution from power plants and can improve indoor air quality.

How Much Money Can I Save?

According to the Department of Energy, an Energy Star furnace can reduce heating costs by up to half. If you purchase a unit that’s at least 95 percent efficient, you’ll be eligible for federal tax credits. There may also be money-saving incentives from the state, city and local utility companies. If you seal leaks in walls, attics and ducts or add insulation, you might need a smaller, less expensive system.

While shopping for a heating replacement, pay attention to the AFUE rating of the unit. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient your new system will be. AFUE rating stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and it measures the percentage of heat you actually use out of total amount you pay for.

Older units may have an AFUE of 50 percent, meaning that only 50 percent of your heating costs actually produce heat. The units of today have AFUEs that go as high as 98 percent. This means that 98 percent of your heating costs are used to generate heat. Look for a system with an AFUE of at least 90 percent.

Investigate The Options

To learn more about energy-efficient furnaces in Crockett TX, call JD’s AC. As a local, Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer serving East Texas for more than 30 years, we specialize in Energy Star installations and perform Home Energy Star Evaluations. One of our NATE-Certified technicians can assess your heating system and help you reduce utility bills. Over time, an Energy Star system can save enough on heating costs to offset the price of your investment.

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