Are Air Conditioner Thefts on the Rise in Your Local Area?

March 2, 2012

As a home or business owner in Longview, TX and surrounding areas, preventing the theft of your air conditioning system is a priority. AC installation is a major investment, and protecting your air conditioning unit requires planning and diligence. Before calling for your next air conditioning or furnace repair, or furnace installation HVAC system service, our professional service technicians recommend these steps for preventing the theft of your air conditioning system.

During your AC installation, our service technicians can install an air conditioning cage around the outdoor components of your air conditioning system. The cage is composed of metal bars that fit around the parts of your air conditioning unit that contain valuable metals for which thieves look.

When our technician comes to service your air conditioning system or do a furnace repair, ask him to install an alarm. Our technicians can also place an alarm on the unit during your initial AC installation.


As part of your furnace installation HVAC system maintenance, check into placing surveillance cameras around your property. This can be done by our technicians as part of your AC installation or furnace repair visit.

Block Watch
If your Longview, TX neighborhood does not already have a block watch, develop one. During your furnace repair or furnace installation HVAC system visit, ask our experienced service technician whether he is aware of any nearby air conditioning thefts and report these to the block watch group.

Whether you need a cage for your air conditioning system or furnace installation HVAC system for a commercial building, we are here for you. We employ skilled and trustworthy technicians experienced with HVAC theft prevention. Our service area includes Longview, TX and the surrounding areas, and we look forward to providing for all of your heating and cooling service needs.

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