What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

For over 30 years, JD’s A/C has been servicing customers in Longview TX for all of their HVAC needs. Due to our quality work and competitive pricing, we have an unparalleled reputation for excellent customer service. We realize that affordable heating and air in Longview TX is essential for your year-round comfort. Affordable heating and air is not a luxury; it is a necessity. At JD’s A/C, we realize that HVAC repairs and installations can be expensive and work closely to stay within our customers’ budget.

Providing Affordable Heating and Air

To help our customers stay within their budget, we offer Internet coupons on select new installations, servicing and repairs. Our discounts on select new systems are sizeable and can help payment be very manageable. Make sure to take advantage of our current specials, and print out Internet coupons right from our site. In addition, you can pay for services with any major credit card, including American Express. We also offer flexible financing plans, with approved credit.

Whether you purchase one of our energy efficient hybrid systems, furnaces, geothermal pumps, boilers or packaged systems, there are many local, state and federal programs that offer tax credits and rebates. Many of our products have high Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF), Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) and Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) that qualify for these programs. Our knowledgeable staff will happily advise you of the latest programs. They can even help you select the best system for the most savings.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

One of the best ways to keeping your HVAC costs affordable is to invest in one of our service plans. It is a well-known fact that service plans increase a unit’s lifecycle by 30 percent and reduce the chances of costly repairs. Your HVAC system is an expensive appliance and is worth protecting with regular maintenance. Just like a car, regular maintenance will enhance performance and prevent breakdowns.

Our technicians come with all the industry tools and skills for a service check-up. Typical tasks include tightening wire components, oiling parts, cleaning the coils, inspecting for and fixing leaks, testing the thermostat and much more. It is the perfect opportunity for our technicians to spot and fix small problems before larger ones emerge. HVAC systems are complex appliances, and all components must be in good condition for the whole system to operate at peak performance.

In addition to investing in a preventative maintenance plan, we also advise our customers to take some basic steps to protect their HVAC systems. We recommend our customers change or wash the air filters at least once every two months. If the system is continually running, we recommend once a month. It’s also important for consumers to make sure that the outdoor condenser is free from debris.

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