What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

Before you make any decisions about a new HVAC unit for your Longview TX home, it is important to obtain a dependable estimate for heating and cooling units that attract your attention. Doing so will make it easier to ensure the system you ultimately choose has all the features you want and will keep your home comfortable any time of the year. At JD’s A/C, we pride ourselves on accurately assessing the needs of our customers and offering suggestions that help them make informed decisions.

How Do You Develop the Estimate?

Putting together a dependable estimate for heating and cooling involves allowing our team of expert technicians to visit your home and assess your heating and air conditioning needs. Rather than assuming your current unit is adequate for the job, we will take a fresh look at your home. We will consider the total amount of square footage in the house, including how much of that footage is located in the basement, the attic and possibly a second floor. Even factors such as the height of the ceilings and the condition of the windows are taken into consideration. We’ll also check the condition of the current duct system and determine if it is still in workable condition.

What Will the Estimate Include?

A dependable estimate for heating and cooling in Longview TX will provide the customer with the information needed to determine if a given system is worth the cost of purchase and installation. One section of the estimate will focus on the price of the heating and cooling unit, the expense involved with any additional ductwork required and the cost of installing new returns or replacing air vent covers. Essentially, any type of equipment or components that are needed to ensure the installation is complete and efficient will be covered in this portion of the estimate.

Along with the cost of equipment and parts, a dependable estimate for heating and cooling solutions will also address the cost of labor.

If there are discounts or special offers available for the system you have chosen, the estimate will also show how much you will save. For example, if you have chosen a system that we are currently offering at a discount, the estimate will show the standard price and then the adjusted price after the discount is applied.

How Accurate is the Estimate?

At JD’s A/C, our goal is to provide an estimate that is as accurate as possible. We realize that our customers are often budgeting to cover the cost of the new system and may even need to finance the purchase. For this reason, we make sure our preliminary inspection is complete and that the estimated costs are as accurate as possible. Keep in mind there is always the possibility of some unknown factor arising during the actual course of the installation. When that happens, our team will coordinate with you so there are no surprises when the final bill is presented.

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