What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

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HVAC maintenance in the Longview, Texas, area is key to ensuring that your system lasts for many years. Companies that schedule HVAC maintenance as recommended will be able to keep customers and employees comfortable. It is also a very effective way to keep the indoor air quality (IAQ) from deteriorating.

Indoor Air Quality and Employee Efficiency

Did you know that IAQ can have a significant effect on employee productivity levels? In one study conducted at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), a 20-year-old carpet containing volatile organic compounds (VOCS) was left in a room where typing speed, accuracy proofreading error rate and addition were measured. Participants showed improvement when the piece of carpet was removed. The level of ventilation used in the room was also found to have a significant effect on the productivity of those in the building.

Clean Air Can Reduce Absenteeism

Fresh indoor air is critical to keeping employees healthy. Serious pollutants such as VOCs, second-hand smoke, radon and combustion pollutants can cause cancer and other serious health problems. Very dusty environments can affect your employees too. An effective filtration system will help to get rid of fungi, cold and flu viruses and other harmful airborne particles. An HVAC system that has the proper filtration system can go a long way toward keeping the air inside your commercial building clean. However, ensure that filter replacement or cleaning is a part of the cleaning and maintenance practices for your building.

Fewer Emergency Repairs

No one wants to be the victim of an emergency. To beat the heat and humidity, your AC works hard to maintain the right temperature during the months of June through September, Then for winter, your heating system has to keep everyone warm without sending your utility bills soaring. Regular maintenance and up-to-date inspections will help to ensure that the system will not fail when you need it most. For more information on how we can help you to maintain your commercial HVAC system, give JD’s A/C a call today at (903) 759-7483. We look forward to working with you.

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