What Does REME technology mean for Longview TX?

Feb 3, 2012

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Maybe you have a manual model or perhaps you have the even older rotary style. An outdated thermostat in your White Oak, Texas, home can cost you money and reduce comfort in your home.

You Haven’t Bought a Thermostat in More Than 10 Years

Technology advances at a rapid pace. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets become obsolete within a couple of years, and sometimes in an even shorter time frame. Think of your home’s thermostat as one of those gadgets. It is a good idea to keep abreast of changes and take advantage of new features as they generally come with increased efficiency.

Like any other device, as they age, the wear and tear of constant operation can leave them less accurate. While we can calibrate an older model to improve its performance, you have to say goodbye at some point. If you don’t upgrade your outdated device, you are missing out on performance efficiencies thanks to the added capabilities and functionality of newer models.

It Doesn’t Help with Temperature Control

A malfunctioning thermostat might create an uncomfortable indoor environment because the temperature that appears on the display doesn’t reflect the actual temperature in your home. This type of problem indicates that the device has reached the end of its lifespan, which means it’s time for a replacement.

The internal components might be affected. However, if you have replaced your air conditioning unit it is possible that the thermostat is not compatible with the air conditioner.

An old thermostat doesn’t do you any favors, so let us help you to upgrade to a modern model. Many come with advanced features such as programming options, WiFi for remote control, and touchscreens for a more user-friendly experience. Call JD’s A/C at (903) 759-7483 for more information about thermostat options. We also supply and install these systems. You can trust our team of experts to provide the air conditioning services you need.

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