Furnace Installation for Longview, TX

Heat & Air

Our certified technicians take an all-inclusive view of the heating and air system, including duct work and filters, to improve efficiency.

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Comfort Club

You have enough to keep up with. Join our Comfort Club to automate seasonal tune-ups throughout the year, and enjoy additional perks.

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Maintenance & Repair

Improve indoor air quality with air duct cleaning. Ask us about ductless air conditioning for smaller spaces.

Providing Service Like We Are Family

No one should be miserable when it’s cold outside. We know how important it is to stay warm and comfortable when it is cold outside. That’s why we take the same care while installing your heater as we would in the homes of our own families. 

Contact our highly trained and certified technicians for furnace and heat pump installation in Longview, TX for a safe and warm home during the cold winter months. 


  • You notice that your heat is not working at all. 
  • Certain rooms within your home or business are cold
  • You’re experiencing multiple tripped breakers
  • You notice any strange noises or odd smells

When the winter temperatures arrive in Longview, JD’s AC can handle all of your Furnace and Heating Pump Needs.

Cozy Up with a New Heat Pump

With a quality heat pump installations, you can keep your family warm through the winter months.

Heat pumps have become a popular system option for those who are environmentally conscious by utilizing renewable energy technology. Pumping the heat requires less electricity than converting it, which, in turn, helps with your energy efficiency. JD’s AC carries and installs the most advanced heat pumps on the market to date, including geothermal systems. These systems provide a safer option vs combustion-based heating. Heat pumps also require less maintenance and cost less to operate. What’s not to love—snuggle up and reduce carbon emissions?

Heating Installation

A benefit to replacing an existing failing system is that it provides you the opportunity to ensure every part of the new heating system installation process is done perfectly. At JD’s Air Conditioning, we’re dedicated to helping you utilize the best system for your budget. We will be sure to match your heating requirements.

Professional Products and Workflow

We install only the top products for heating systems, recognized names for high-quality results. We have over 30 years of experience installing new heating and cooling systems so we can provide you with the highest quality of service.

High-Quality Design

We make sure that your heater will provide exceptional efficiency and comfort for many years to come by conducting load calculations on all new heating installations.

JDs AC Air Conditioning Maintenance Man

Certified Technicians

Our professional technicians all have years of experience in designing and installing systems. We guarantee that every new heating system is installed right the first time

Heat Pump Installation in Longview, TX is Easy

We make getting a new system easy. 

1. Contact us

2. Schedule a Consultation

3. Stay Warm and Cozy Through the Cooler Months

Furnace Installation

Don’t let the cooler weather leave you out in the cold. If you’re wondering if it’s time to upgrade your system, give us a call for a free system evaluation by one of our skilled technicians.  

Our guarantee is to provide you with the same service we would give to our family. Call us to experience it for yourself.

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